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How to Clean Out Your Wardrobe

How to Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Are you thinking you need to clean out your wardrobe? Organizing your closet can be a daunting task! How do you know what to donate, toss or keep?  I’ve heard people say to donate anything you haven’t worn for a year, but I think that’s too broad of a statement. When deciding what to keep and what to donate, ask yourself these questions instead: 

1. Do I look and feel amazing in it?

Often times we hang onto clothing because we fit into it, but don’t really love the cut, style, or fabric.  You deserve to feel amazing in everything you wear! Now is a great time to allow yourself to let go of anything that doesn’t make you feel absolutely wonderful even if your just at hanging out at home.

2.Does it fit well?

So many times we may hold onto clothing that we are going to use when we lose that last 10 lbs. Women especially fluctuate in size during a month. I recommend women keep a few items that are a size larger and a size smaller than they currently wear for this reason. But hanging onto a lot of clothing that is significantly smaller or larger than you are now is probably not the best use of your valuable closet space. Plan on rewarding yourself with some new outfits once you reach your goal weight!

3. Is it outdated?

There are styles that are timeless and those that are not. Yes, polyester pants might come back, but I truly hope not! Take a look at your wardrobe and let go of the items that are outdated.    

4. Is it a sentimental item?

We all hang onto clothing for sentimental reasons or because we wore them at a significant event in our past. You probably won’t be wearing them again, but want to hold onto the memories. Consider taking a picture and let the clothing go. This will still keep the memory alive, but free up your closet space. 

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5. Is it worn out or faded?

Even if you have an item that you feel amazing in and you love, it may have served its purpose and be worn out. I know I wear my favorite items over and over and may not realize how it has faded or worn it has become over time. Take a good look at each item in your wardrobe and see if it’s time to replace a few items and let the old ones go.

6. Does it need to be repaired?

You may hold onto items that you think you will repair, sew on that button, or pants you will hem. The reality is that many of us do not have great sewing skills or time to tackle the mending. Be realistic with yourself when it comes to mending. Make the repairs, take it to someone who will repair it for you or let it go

7. Would you buy it again?

We all have clothing we have purchased but find over time that there is something about it we don’t love. Maybe it doesn’t fit as well after washing or the fabric isn’t quite as comfortable as we first thought. These are items we can let go of.  

8. Do I have several similar items?

Once you pull everything out of your closet, you may find you have several similar items. You will be able to wean down your wardrobe by eliminating duplicates or multiples.

9. How often do I use it?

This is one of the tough questions because we all have those times that we don’t use often, but might need someday.  What if I go back to work in an office and I need professional clothes? What if I have a formal event and I need a gown? I recommend limiting the number of these “what if” items and consider storing them in a basement or storage area to free up closet space.

10. How expensive was it?

This is a tough one for many.  If we know we have shelled out a lot of cash, it’s that much harder to let things go.  But the reality is that it doesn’t matter how much we have paid for something. If it’s not useful, comfortable and we don’t love it, we don’t need the reminder lingering in our closet.  Pass it along to someone else to use and enjoy.

Asking yourself these  questions will help you through the process of cleaning out your closet and determining what you want to keep.  Gather up anything that can be donated and pass them along. There are many charities that welcome these items for people who cannot afford them. One example is women shelters often need professional clothing for women to wear to employment interviews.

Once your done cleaning out your closet, you’ll be able open up your wardrobe with the confidence that you will love everything you see there. You’ll feel lighter after letting go of what you don’t need or use.  You’ll feel good about helping out someone by donating to them. And you will have made room for new clothes to compliment what you have!

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